What is LSET?

LSET is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable corporation organized for the purpose of educating regional leaders on complex issues that face our area. LSET classes are purposely limited in size to provide opportunities for communication and interaction with regional leaders, diverse groups, and individuals outside the participants’ regular professional and social acquaintances. Program sessions are an educational process that includes professional speakers who present balanced information on timely topics, such as:

* Educational and workforce development challenges across the region,

* Tackling resiliency to better protect lives and economy, and

* Preserving our natural environment.

Each year, LSET alumni and current class members work together with the Youth LSET participants on community service projects.


LSET provides a network through which business relationships become lifelong friendships. It is a microcosm of our region by including a cross-section of profit and non-profit groups; corporate leaders and self-employed entrepreneurs; rural leaders and city leaders; elected officials and those from the field of academics. Participation is a chance of a lifetime to make a difference on a regional level and working with the youth program.

Rebecca Rutledge '07, Bridge City ISD Trustee

Leadership is not innate; rather, it is a learned skill-set that can be developed. So if your goal is to become a more effective and influential leader, then participation in Leadership Southeast Texas (LSET) is for you. It lets you surround yourself with other leaders and draw upon each others' experiences. You'll have the opportunity to test your leadership abilities and to impact your community with a team-based, service-oriented project in connection with Youth-LSET. Going into class year 27, LSET will jump-start your personal and professional networks, connecting to your class, as well as with 1268 alumni.

Jim de Garavilla '09, DuPont-Sabine River Works / Silsbee ISD Trustee

LSET is a great avenue for growing your leadership knowledge through networking in the nine counties. Growth and development is the highest calling of a leader and LSET provides many opportunities through the year to learn and grow both for you personally and professionally, and also to go out and grow others. Joining LSET will be worth the investment for yourself and your community.

Ellen Hopkins '15, First Bank & Trust East Texas - Jasper Branch

LSET's mission focuses on learning about our region, examining issues, problems, solutions and strengths of Southeast Texas in the nine counties. We invest in the future through Leadership Service Projects with our Y-LSET participants, a youth leadership program for high school students. It is exciting to meet and collaborate with leaders in the community, industry, and education, as well as business owners large and small.

Dr. Brenda Nichols '05, Lamar University

The role of current class members and alums is very important in identifying candidates that meet the criteria for admission to LSET each year. Please help LSET continue the tradition of the last 30 years.

Tom Henry '03, LSET Governing Board President